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7L is a forward thinking, functional-first outerwear brand that uses state-of-the-art materials, fabric technology and manufacturing techniques that fuse fashion with function and performance with style for the modernist consumer.



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Date engaged

June 2019


What does 7L Global do?

7L design and manufacture luxury, functional-first performance apparel. We pioneer design, fabrics and manufacturing techniques to provide our customers with a true synthesis between high fashion and technical clothing. 

Who are your typical customers?

We manufacturer technical menswear apparel to suit a variety of lifestyles; from hiking in the peaks to commuting in the city.

How did you discover the GEIC?

Towards the end of 2018, while working closely with the DIT Export programme, 7L were introduced to the ESIF & European Regional Development Fund, ‘Bridging the Gap’ scheme. 7L we’re then invited to be an industry partner as part of this scheme, with a particular focus on their ongoing research and development for developing eco and sustainable fabrics from recycled yarn.

The challenge ...
Why did you initially engage with the GEIC?

As part of our brands mission to become more eco-friendly and sustainable, 7L was keen to explore the applications of Graphene in textiles. Our objective was to discover and create new materials which might provide more environmentally friendly products for the brand and the industry, helping to minimise the impact we have on the environment. 

What are you looking to improve in the product?

We are looking to create a new graphene-based textile product.  

What do you hope graphene will deliver for your business?

Improved thermal conductivity and sustainability over conventional textiles.

“Meeting with Konstantin and his team at Manchester University, 7L gained an increased understanding of the potential applications for Graphene and Graphene commercialisation and were therefore keen to pursue this through working directly with the GEIC.”

– Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green, 7L Global
The engagement ...
How did the company engage with the GEIC?

We submitted an expression of interest to the programme, and shortly after met with Jane Harper and Paul Wiper from the GEIC. After a conversation about 7L’s aims and objectives, a small grant was confirmed for the creation of a research paper. 

What exploratory work and testing was completed?

A range of research was completed to help us understand how graphene can enhance our textiles and range of clothing products.

Describe any prototypes that were created

We will be moving on to prototypes at the next stage.

Next steps ...
What steps are required to take this to a commercial product?

The product will require lab testing, wash testing and field testing in extreme environments, prior to 7L investment and manufacturing partnership with industry experts. 

How will these finding help commercialise the product?

Our learnings with the GEIC will help us demonstrate technological superiority over competition.

What are the timings to get to a commercial product?

7L are keen to take the product to market within two years and have set an aim to commercialise a product that can become a part of the its Autumn/ Winter 2022 range.