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AEH Innovative Hydrogel

AEHInnovative Hydrogel Ltd is a Greater Manchester company developing innovative hydrogels, which will help shape the future of agriculture and industry. Their founder is from Aston University and has a PhD in Materials from The University of Manchester.

The company signed up to the ERDF BtG programme, in which ERDF funded staff assisted on a collaborative project to develop the companies graphene-based hydrogels which are used for a range of applications including wound care through to agriculture.  

Following on from a successful Phase 1 and Phase 2 project AEH Innovative Hydrogel have developed a new graphene-based hydrogel product, these hydrogels can be used to maximise water and nutrient delivery to the plants/crops to improve environmental sustainability and water security. 

Further more following on from BtG AEH have secured a £1m Innovate UK grant, which will further helpd evelop this product so it can be brought to the market.  Through the collaboration AEH have been able to recruit over 5 new staff members.    

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