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First Graphene UK

First Graphene (UK) Ltd. is a leading supplier of high-performing graphene products with a robust manufacturing platform and large production capacity.  

In June 2019, First Graphenecompleted a collaborative R&D project with The University of Manchester todevelop an environmentally friendly process to produce a water-based grapheneconductive ink. The project was conducted under the ERDF Bridging The Gapprogramme, with the inks representing new product to the firm, which requiredfurther R&D and scale-up to reach market readiness. 

From September 2020, First Grapheneand the University further developed and scaled-up the inks produced under theERDF agreement. These novel inks contain additional additives to enhance theperformance further and we have also demonstrated that we can make consistentbatches at the Pilot Scale, representing a new process / product innovation. 

We are working with First Grapheneto potentially launch or incorporate the inks into market ready products – thisincludes application testing using facilities at the University of Manchester.

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