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First Graphene is the leading supplier of high-performing graphene products with a robust manufacturing platform and an established 100 tonne/year graphene production capacity.



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Date engaged

April 2019


What does First Graphene do?

First Graphene is recognised as the world leading supplier of high performing graphene products sold under the PureGRAPHTM product brand. The company works closely with its partners to add value and to drive the adoption of graphene products into real-world applications.

Who are your typical customers?

The company is actively working with downstream partners in a range of industries. These includes composites, fire retardancy, elastomers, concrete and energy storage.

How did you discover the GEIC?

First Graphene (UK) Ltd are a Tier 1 partner, with an active R&D team based at the GEIC.

The challenge ...
Why did you initially engage with the GEIC?

As a Tier 1 Partner, First Graphene (UK) Ltd have been based at the GEIC since November 2018. 

What are you looking to improve in the product?

The goal of this project was to formulate low cost screen printable conductive inks using First Graphene’s PureGRAPH®product range.

What do you hope graphene will deliver for your business?

Feasibility study to assess how First Graphene’s graphene materials would as a screen printable, conductive ink, using industrially relevant solvents.

“This was a very successful piece of work in collaboration with the experts at the GEIC that allowed First Graphene (UK) Ltd to benchmark our products and understand the steps we need to take to improve and optimise a high performing conductive ink.”

– Paul Ladislaus

Paul Ladislaus, First Graphene
The engagement ...
How did the company engage with the GEIC?

As a Tier 1 member and being based in Manchester, First Graphene are eligible for the ERDF program

What exploratory work and testing was completed?

A number of formulations using our materials were made. These were then analysed, with feedback given on the processability and characteristics of the ink. 

Describe any prototypes that were created

A range of graphene-based inks was produced for further evaluation.

The outcome ...
As a result of the phase 1 work, what was produced?

A presentation and workshop identifying the potential of using graphene within construction materials which will be used to form the basis of a R&D project.

What findings were discovered from the project?

Our prototype ink performs well against a range of commercially available products and we now understand what steps we need to take to deliver a high performing conductive ink product. 

The results were in line with our expectations – a key benefit for us is that, having limited formulations experience in house, the applications team at the GEIC was able to support the development of a protype formulation in a short space of time.

How will these finding help commercialise the product?

This gives us a valuable benchmark and allows us to validate our product range.

Next steps ...
What steps are required to take this to a commercial product?

Further optimisation of the formulations to deliver high performance consistent with the First Graphene brand. A clear plan is in place for development of a cost-effective, water based, conductive ink.

How has engaging with the GEIC prepped you?

Working with the GEIC team so closely allows us to share findings and results quickly, allowing us to be very reactive to what we are seeing.

What are the timescales to get to a commercial product?

Next 6 – 12 months.