Graphene is a remarkable new material, first isolated at the University of Manchester. It has a broad array of unique characteristics and properties, that include superlatives such as the strongest and stiffest material currently known to us; the most electrically and thermally conductive; the most stretchable; most impermeable; and the thinnest material that can be imagined, with the highest surface area.

Many novel applications for this new material have already been identified; many more are still to come. Yet graphene is just the first of hundreds of new ‘2D’ or ‘layered materials’ that offer the promise of a staggering array of innovative materials, each with their own remarkable properties.

These new materials are already disrupting many industries. Collaborate with us to develop new products, processes or services that will disrupt your industry.

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If you want to know more about graphene and the facilities available across the University, including the National Graphene Institute (NGI), head over to the main @Graphene website.