The potential uses for graphene are endless and staff at the GEIC are working on projects with companies across a range of industries. Illustrated below are just some of those in which we currently have active projects.


Our composites lab is working with a range of suppliers in the automotive industry to assess how graphene can help reduce the weight of components whilst increasing their overall strength.


We’re working to bring flexible, graphene-based biosensors and implants to market.


We are developing graphene enhanced coatings and paints for anti-corrosion and improved barrier properties which can be applied to a range of substrates from steel to fabrics.


Graphene can be used as an additive to polymer systems to impart improved mechanical, barrier, thermal and electrical properties.  We’re working with several companies in this area.


We’re working with manufacturers to understand how graphene can improve construction materials like concrete, glass fibre, bitumen and insulation.


The unique properties of graphene make products such as conductive inks possible, allowing us to bring flexible and biodegradable electronics to market.


As battery technology becomes increasingly important in our daily lives, we’re prototyping graphene-based devices that can increase the efficiency of batteries and supercapacitors whilst reducing size, weight and the amount of heat generated.


We’re working with some of the leading sports/activity clothing producers on the creation of new fibres that are stronger, lighter and even add conductive qualities to shoes and wearable garments.