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Nationwide Engineering Group

Nationwide Engineering Group is a construction organisation with integrated companies specialising in development, building, rail, air, energy and professional services and sell to a range of clients, which extend from government to small private companies.  

In 2019, the company signed up tot he BtG programme, in which ERDF-funded staff provided a technical report/workshop on the potential benefits of adding graphene-based materials into concretes, bitumen, asphalt, steels and composite materials.  

Following a successful workshop,Nationwide and the GEIC entered into a phase 2 programme in collaboration withThe University of Manchester’s Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and CivilEngineering (MACE). 

The project consisted of the development of a graphene-enhanced cement formulation. The graphene-enhanced concrete was shown to improve compressive and tensile strength by 20-30% within the first 7 days, plus flexural strength gains of up to 20%. Combined with removal of 100% of steel reinforcement, the overall reduction of concrete materials was 25-30%. 

The result is Concretene – a graphene enhanced concrete and world’s first graphene concrete engineered for sustainability and now laid in numerous commercial settings. 

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